Artificial Intelligence

AI for Mere Mortals

I decode complex tech into accessible insights. For decades, I've demystified everything from web programming to Linux. Now, I'm unveiling the mystery of AI. My practical newsletter cuts through the hype to deliver digestible AI wisdom anyone can use. Whether you're a business leader, a parent, or AI-curious, I'll equip you with actionable insights to navigate our increasingly AI-driven world.

Practical AI You Can Profit From

Cut through the hype. I deliver hands-on AI tools and techniques to boost your business or career. Real-world AI that drives real results.

Surveying AI Broadly and Deeply

Many resources dive deep too quickly. I first take a broad view of AI to build your knowledge base, then go in-depth on critical areas — the best of both worlds.

Making AI Simple for Everyday Folks

I transform complex AI topics into understandable insights for non-experts — no PhD required. I decode the jargon so you can harness AI's potential.

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