Artificial Intelligence

AI for Mere Mortals

For decades, I've decoded web programming and Linux. Now, I'm demystifying artificial intelligence through my practical AI newsletter. I cut through the hype and technical jargon to deliver digestible wisdom anyone can apply, whether you're a business leader, parent, or simply AI-curious. I aim to equip you with actionable insights to navigate our increasingly AI-driven world.

Complex AI info Distilled for You

I love aiming for complex AI info and making it consumable for the general public.

Timely, breadth-first approach

Diving deep too quickly without a broad understanding can be foundationally challenging for folks. So, I use a broad stroke when sharing new AI topics.

Practical, actionable AI info

Lots of AI talking heads around. Very few AI practitioners use AI for profit. I explore and share AI tools and technique that solves real problems for you.

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