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Global E-commerce Architect & Tech Writer (50)

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Professionally, I am a technology business owner since 1996. I sold my first software in my junior year in college. I co-founded a VC funded tech company during the internet boom. Since 2002, I have owned and operated the same company, EVOKNOW, Inc.

EVOKNOW focuses on e-commerce solutions for mid-range enterprises in North America. Our e-commerce solutions run on three different continents. We are currently working on multiple SaaS solutions in the SMB and enterprise space.

I love writing about technology and life, in general. My very first programming book, CGI Primer, was published in 1996. Since then, I have written many well-received books published in virtually all major languages. These books include Apache Server Bible, Red Hat Security & Optimization, Red Hat Linux Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc.

I live in Rocklin, California, with my wife and two boys. You can reach me via kabir@evoknow.com.

Kabir, Mohammed

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