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Self-funded entrepreneurs, use AI to build an audience before your MVP. Hone your marketing chops first.

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Distilling AI for Everyone Else

I help people and businesses harness practical AI to save time, make money, and empower informed decisions about integrating AI into their lives.

I had multiple chances to learn AI in academic life in my computer science studies at the university in the mid-90s, but I brushed off AI, thinking it would not happen in my lifetime. Fast forward to 2022, AI was everywhere. Our enterprise customers are asking for it, our kids are using it, and everyone on social media is all about AI. How do you make sense of all that? This is why I started researching AI in 2022 and have a professional engineering team with expertise in enterprise e-commerce.

I jumped to AI and built an AI startup called CPROMPT.AI. Our mission is to introduce AI to the public – everyone who is not an AI scientist. There are only a few hundred people capable of building core AI tech. The rest will be using AI in their daily lives.

My job is to distill artificial intelligence (AI) into consumable, actionable methods. Hence, everyone sees AI's raw power and opportunity and decides if they want to learn more and incorporate AI into their personal, professional, and business realities.

I focus on a few areas of AI:

  • Prompt Engineering β€” how people can build fast apps from their prompts to share with their target audience and monetize these immediate apps. This is why we created CPROMPT.AI.
  • AI Lead Gen Tech β€” small to medium businesses should not focus on AI-based process automation just yet. The AI tech available to consumers and SMEs is only ready for prime-time automation with customization through AI consulting. Also, SMEs going for automation will face internal resistance as it signals job losses. So, I advise focusing on AI-based lead generation first. Bring more customers and help employees use AI to manage better. This builds trust in AI as a powerful tool, brings revenue, and eases team concerns.
  • Long-Term AI Tracking β€” My team and I identified key players in AI, tracking their social media, publications, and engagement to formally assess where AI is going in 2, 5, 10, and 15 years based on scientific research, ignoring talking heads.


70K Hours of Tech

Investing in foundational knowledge pays off for a long time, though many avoid it by taking comfort in shortcuts that offer tangible results faster.

I have a simple methodology for learning new technology: know a new tech well enough to explain it to the general public, who may need more skill sets, time, or resources for an in-depth learning process. This has led me to write books introducing tech from a very early stage of my professional career.

I wrote my first book at age 26 on Perl programming for web development called The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Primer Plus in the mid-90s. Since then, I have written several more books on web programming, Linux operating systems, security, optimization, and related topics.

Since the Web's early days, I have invested considerable time in web development using open-source platforms like Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Perl. This has led to the building of multiple companies in web application development. My current company, EVOKNOW, Inc., was established in 2002. It focuses on mid-size enterprises, providing web-stack-based business process management and operations for multinational companies across continents.

My AI Startup

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Artificial intelligence is reshaping our world, but its trailblazers often speak in riddles. I am here to decode those riddles. I monitor the latest AI discoveries, debates, and insights from AI's pioneering minds. My blog is my honest attempt at demystifying the fascinating work of AI's masterminds and revealing how their innovations will shape our future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I often get asked these questions about myself, my companies and my interests and collaboration ops

Do you offer AI consulting services?

Yes, we do offer generative AI consulting services.

Are you a solopreneur?

No. We're a S-Corp with an in-house software engineering team since 2002.

Do you invest in startups?

I help micro startups with AI-powered lead gen strategy to grow 10K leads.

Are you from India?

No, I am not. I am originally from πŸ‡§πŸ‡© (Bangladesh). But I've lived in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (USA) since I was 19 yrs old..

Can you help me with technical due deligence in an M&A deal?

Yes, I can..

Can you help me with my startup?

Yes, I routinely advise startup founders..

Can you review my pitch deck?

Yes, as long as it is not in AI application development space.

Can you help me raise VC/Angel funding?

Depends. Get in touch..

Can you build me an app?

Sorry, I don't do dev work for hire..

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